Dub&Sub is a global localization firm providing high-quality dubbing and subtitle services in many different languages at fair prices.It offers high-quality service with its ‘native’ professional dubbing artists and translators in partnering studies in many countries, while the firm center is in Istanbul.

We started our localization services hiring out voice actors in any language pairs to advertisement agencies and production companies in 2010 as a voice-over agency as www.yabancidilses.com.

In 2015, we expanded our services as Dub&Sub localization firm with dubbing and subtitle practices in many different languages for Turkish TV series as a result of Turkish TV series gaining a significant place in the world market.

We started to provide localization services in ARABIC, SPANISH(Latam), PORTUGUESE(Brazil), RUSSIAN, later adding languages such as PERSIAN, AZERBAIJANI, GERMAN, ITALIAN, KAZAKH, HUNGARIAN, CZECHIAN, ROMANIAN, CROATIAN, ALBANIAN, CHINESE, URDU, SPANISH(Castilian), PORTUGUESE(Portugal).

Now, Dub&Sub does not only offer localization services in Turkish TV series, it also provides ‘Solution Partnership’ to many companies with needs in this field with its high-quality localization service in any language pairs in the global market at fair prices.


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Arapça Stüdyo

Halep / Suriye

Türkçe Stüdyo

İstanbul / Türkiye

İngilizce Stüdyo

Londra / İngiltere

Farsça Stüdyo

Tahran / İran

Kazakça Stüdyo

Almaty / Kazakistan

Portekizce Stüdyo

Lizbon / Portekiz

Türkçe Stüdyo

İstanbul / Türkiye

Rusça Stüdyo

Moskova / Rusya

İspanyolca (Latam) Stüdyo

Bogota / Kolombiya